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Welcome to Sophia’s ada Pool. Our main objective is to run a dependable consistent service and to create blocks for the cardano blockchain while making interest along the way. below I have summarized the four tenets of the Cardano blockchain. Please take a look at them so you understand how Cardano runs their ADA staking before reading on…

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It Takes 3 Epochs (15 days) For Your Newly Delegated Ada To Be Counted and 4 epochs (20 days) To See Rewards Each Time You Switch Pools.

Pledging Mechanism

This refers to the pool operators pledge. although there is no minimum, the higher the pledge by the pool operator (myself) the more attractive the pool will becomes during the inception.

Desirability Index

This is used to rank the position of the pool in Daedalus and Yoroi. It is calculated using the owners stake (pledge), costs, and the margin, and combining them with influence from saturation and pool performance.

Saturation Parameter

The saturation parameter makes sure that no pool gets to big. At the point where a pool reached their saturation, if they continue to bring on new people staking, they will actually create less blocks and receive lower rewards. This is done to make the staking process fair and to prevent centralization by large pools.

Decentralized Parameter

This is a process that Cardano is using during the beginning of the decentralizing process to makes sure there is a smooth transition while the nodes and stake pools grow. This will not effect the rewards. All the rewards will be distributed to operating stake pools and to the federated nodes helping with the transition.

How does this information affect you and our stake pool? First of all, I want to make sure everyone has at least a high level view of how the Cardano stake pools work. It’s important in a decentralized and open system that everyone has the ability to understand these things, It is at the core of decentralization… Secondly, I wanted to talk about the future and how I see myself, as the pool operator, running this pool. You should have this information so you can make the correct decision on where to stake your ada — I am in cardano for the long haul (at the very least, 5 years, but most likely 10+ years). During this time I will not be taking out any of my ada and will be reinvesting every bit of the rewards that are received. I am not going anywhere!

Last thing


Your ada always stays safe in your wallet (Deadalus or Yoroi). No one needs your ada in order to stake them for you. Never give anyone your ada!